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Shout Outs from the Pros...

Out On The Town is a wild ride from one Jazz era to the next, exploring everything from the Hot Jazz of the 1920’s to modern jazz;  from Cab Calloway to the funk of the ’80’s, yet all the while staying true to their acoustic, Django Reinhardt-style instrumental approach, and always with outstanding musicianship. 

This CD is a kind of sampler of what the Idiomatiques can do. Featuring my friend Brian Mann on the jazz squeeze box, with Craig Sharmat - lead guitar, George Quirin - rhythm guitar, and Kim Collins - bass, 

their merging of jazz styles and eras proves that, for the Idiomatiques, anything is possible”.

     - Kenny Loggins, Grammy award winning musician & composer

"What I like is that the writing is just as strong as the playing, and it acknowledges that the world evolved since Django and incorporates that into the music as well."

     - Doug Perkins,      *for complete review of CD, click here:

"The Idiomatiques is a guarantee for a great night out when I go see them play live.  

Their musicianship is top notch. Their passion and pure enjoyment is evident in their performance and arrangements. A joy to listen to,  and their sense of  humor that comes through is the added bonus."

      - Danny Lux, multi Emmy-nominated composer & musician

"I really like this album. I love the mixing and blending of the traditional Django and what I imagine he’d play if he were here today. The musicianship is stellar and there is a good sense of humor in these cuts - all good listening!"

       - Joe Renzetti, Academy Award winning composer

"Inspired by the Hot Club, this quartet banded together to do things their way come hell or high water.

Low key but full of enough force to bowl you over! If you’ve ever had a taste for Django and Stephane,

this is the new stuff your taste buds have been waiting for.  Killer stuff throughout."

      - Chris Spector, Midwest Record Review

"Gypsy swing with an extra fling is the thing here with the team of Craig Sharmat/g-voc, Brian Mann/acc-p-voc, Kim Collins/b-voc-whistle and George Quirin/flam g-rhy g-voc, as they mix moments of Django Reinhardt with straight-ahead grooves. Bohemia from the Left Bank is in abundance with caravan-styled solos on a clever take of Thelonious Monk’s music on “Worry, You Needn’t-Maybe”  and “C’est La Vie” with some Stephane Grappelli-invoke strings by Benedikt Brydern on “Waltz Happening.” Some fun vocals add to the frivolity, particularly on “Lady Be Good” and “Life Don’t Care,” with infectious pulses that will make you grab your partner, or at least your beret on “Big Blue Thing” and “Scooby Doo.” Hard to resist this album that is as light and tasty as an almond croissant."

      - George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly